Brinkley Heights

"One A Month" -  Ministry with Brinkley Heights

For several years, Trinity has partnered with Brinkley Heights in their food pantry ministry. This ministry provides a 3 day emergency food supply for individuals and families in need. We have several Trinity members who volunteer on a regular basis at the Brinkley Heights Food Pantry. Supplies for this ministry come from the Memphis Food Bank and from donations. Very often the Food Bank does not have sufficient stocks of certain items to meet the needs. To help alleviate these shortages Trinity is starting "One a Month" to help collect those items most often needed. Each month, we will collect one food item for the month and we are asking that you bring 1 can/jar of that item every Sunday in that month. There will be designated containers in the gym foyer and at the doors where you can leave your item each week. It is a small thing for each of us to do that will have far reaching results. 


January - Canned Tuna or other Canned Meat

February - Jar of Peanut Butter

March - Canned Fruit

April - Canned Beans

May - Saltines

June - Cereal

July - Canned Tuna or other Canned Meat

August - Jar of Peanut Butter

September - Canned Fruit  

October -Canned Beans

November - Saltines

December - Cereal

If you are interested in volunteering at the Brinkley Heights Ministry Center, call the church office at 901-759-5955 or contact Nancy Wilson  -